FD 10 Standard display cases

 ∎ Air-tight interior
 ∎ Non-toxic materials
 ∎ Easy to use
 ∎ Maintenance – free

 FD10 Standard display case
Starting from 
  € 2625

 Dimensions 1400w x 700d x 1000h mm           
 Custom dimensions  On request
 Glass type: 11.5 mm laminated clear-white
                    anti-bandit glass with mitred corners
 Low-reflective glass On request
 Base type: four powder coated metal legs
 Closed plinth or slab-end style plinth On request
 Hinged glass hood with stays
 Other opening mechanisms On request
 Mechanical locking mechanism
 Abloy™  high security locks  On request
 Internal panel: painted ZF-MDF
 Internal panel: other materials and finishes On request
 Silica gel tray On request
 Lighting system On request


Glass panels

FD10 standard display case uses 11.5mm thick laminated clear-white anti-bandit glass conforming to BS EN:356P4A (quality low-iron content 'white' glass). The glass panels have mitred corners.
As option, the glass panels can be low-reflective or can have other levels of security.

Case construction

FD10 display case structure is manufactured from steel and aluminium. The standard FD10 display case is provided with four legs that are made from steel and can be powder coated in any colour. The case can be manufactured with a closed plinth, slab end style plinth or other plinth design.


FD10 display case has one simple-to-use hingedglass hood, with concealed hinge and steel espagnolette closure mechanism. On request we can manufacture the display case with hydraulic lift up glass hood. The opening mechanism of the case is concealed.


The standard display case is provided with one mechanical locking mechanism. The display case is prepared to incorporate one Abloy™ high security CL291 lock. The lock is not included in the standard price, but can be ordered as extra items suited to your requirements. The locking mechanism is not visible and is placed under the display case.

Internal base panel

The standard internal base panel is manufactured from MDF, painted in any colour. Alternative panels and finishes are available. Prices on request.

Environmental control

FD10 standard display case can be prepared to incorporate one silica gel tray beneath the internal base display board. The silica gel tray is not included in the standard price. If ordered, the silica gel tray is sized to accomodate one full-size cassettes (335 x 110 x 44 mm). Access to silica gel tray is separate from display void. The display void communicated with the silica gel tray by means of a 5mm gap around the baseboard that allows free air circulation.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
FD10 display case is provided with our custom-made Inert extruded silicone gaskets which maintain air change rate and minimise the ingress of dust.